About Us

Something Classier, LLC was founded by Yolanda Gardner in November 2017. After being offered a job with a company, she decided that she did not want to work for another company when she could own her own. Yolanda knows the importance of relationship enhancement through years of experience and from dealing with women who have been abused as they learn how to get back in the habit of dating again, but most importantly self-love first. She solely started this home-based business and is slowly branching out on the globe. Yolanda states, “We offer more than just toys, oils…etc., we help you emotionally connect with your partner and have a deeper intimacy level with him/her.“  Communication is key in every relationship.  We focus on helping you learn how to communicate with your partner on all different levels!   While faced with challenges, Yolanda has overcome many barriers and continues to successfully strive to be the best.  Yolanda states, “I have laid the foundation for present and future consultants, but it is up to them to build the house and turn it into a home!  This is not just my company this is OUR COMPANY!  I listen to the people and strive to them what THEY desire!”